Welcome to A Center for Women!

Making hard life choices in a crises is something no one should do alone!

Choice is not real choice unless all your options are explained.
We provide our services free of charge so that you can:

  • Be fully informed and ready to make responsible choices.
  • Understand all your pregnancy options and their consequences.
  • Be encouraged to think and decide for yourself in regard to your sexuality and childbearing.
  • Find real hope and the possibility of unplanned joy in your unplanned pregnancy.

Choice is not real choice unless all your options are explained. A center for women offers free education, help and support to women in Central Florida who are involved in unplanned and crisis pregnancies.
It’s hard to know how to fit all the pieces together when you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy or dealing with harsh life circumstances. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

Many of the women who come to our center are scared, angry, alone…and hurting! No matter if you’re a single mother without the energy or finances to raise another child, the 40-year-old woman who says her husband will leave her if she has this baby, a high school student who thinks an unplanned pregnancy will end her drams and plans, a college student who think an unplanned pregnancy will end her dreams and plans, the hurting woman worried about past abortions, past miscarriages or STD’s, or a woman frustrated by the lack of available, affordable medical help for her pregnancy!

Our services focus on giving personalized aid, finding practical resources and offering life counseling to women facing crisis and unplanned pregnancies, to families struggling to be whole, and to children needing safe and stable homes.

Our Services Include
  • Confidential counseling with pregnancy test at no charge
  • A free confirmation of pregnancy due date for Medicaid or insurance
  • Factual information on abortion & prenatal development
  • Pregnancy support resources & practical assistance
  • Referrals for medical care and community services.
  • Post-abortion counseling
  • Continuing counseling for making a positive life plan
  • Parenting education and consultations to improve parenting skills
  • Supplies and clothing for your newborn and children as necessary
  • Free viability ultrasound available on some days — call about this service

A Center for Women!

You’re Not Alone! A Center for Women can help!