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Considering abortion?  Understand YOUR ABORTION RIGHTS

"ADOPTION is not a breaking of trust, but a keeping of faith;
not an abdication of responsibility, but an act of redemption;
not the abandonment of a baby, but an abandonment of self for a baby's sake."
Curtis Young, Heartlink, Jan 2001

            If you choose the ADOPTION option, you may.....
               .... face these challenges:                                   .... & benefit in these ways:
            *Your baby will be raised by someone else,           *Your pregnancy ends with giving life and
              and that may leave you with grief feelings              you can always feel good and positive
              (even if you know yours is a very good                   about this brave decision.
              choice for you and your child).                            *You can have continued contact with
            *You may experience some criticism from               your child.
              a few people in your life who do not                     *You can go on to pursue your life goals.
              understand adoption (especially "open                 *You can hold your little one after birthing
              adoption") and who do not understand the              and name and love her/him.
              love that motivates your decision to place            *You can plan your future & your baby's,
              your baby with an adoptive family.  
                       help select adoptive parents & make plans
            *Family members or the birth father may                 for future contact with them & your baby.
             actively oppose your decision (though they          *You will be free of the burden of the
             might not as well) and you'll need to be                  financial and personal responsibilities
             prepared to deal with that opposition                      involved in parenting whil you are young or 
             should it arise.                                                     unprepared to assume them.               

            If you choose SINGLE PARENTING, you may.....
               .... face these challenges:                                   .... & benefit in these ways
            *You may feel the need to put some of your         *You will have daily ongoing contact & the 
              life plans (education, job training or                      chance to love and make daily decisions
             advancement) on hold to accommodate                in your child's best interest.
             your pregnancy and the birth and parenting         *You can parent your child through each
             of your child.                                                      stage of life and embrace the joys &
            *You may have to "step up" to financial                 responsibilities inherent in that.
              responsibilities you were hoping to postpone      *You will have at least 18 years to look
              until later in your life.                                          forward to living with your child.
*Your youthful "do what I want to do when I           *You can instill your personal and familial
want to do it" lifestyle is over.                             values in your child through direct
*You may not get to live independently               parenting.             
              because of financial and practical pressures.

            If you choose to ABORT your baby, you may.....
               .... face these challenges:                                   .... & benefit in these ways:
            *You will be deprived of the opportunity to             *You can go on to pursue your goals and
              see your child grow & develop.                             plans without interruption.
            *Your pregnancy ends with a death and may        *You can avoid being pushed into a hasty
              also end with health and fertility                          marriage.
              complications for you.                                      *You will not have to assume the substantial
            *You will never get the chance to know, hold          responsibilities of parenting too early in
              or treasure your baby.                                         your life.
            *You will always remember taking a life and         *You will be free of the financial burden of
              are very likely to experience strong feelings          parenting before you are better equipped 
              of shame, guilt and depression about this             to handle it.
              decision.                                                        *You'll notice that these 'benefits' are the same
            *You may damage relationships with friends          you'd receive (plus more!) if you choose life for
              or family as a result of the decision to abort.        your baby & place your child for adoption.

"An adopted child is more likely to have mature, well-educated parents
and a higher standard of living than a child who is raised by a single parent."
Chuck Colson, Breakpoint

Of course, this page can't list every single positive and negative in the decision-making process
as you consider the options of adoption, parenting (single or otherwise), or abortion.
These are just some of the big issues involved.   
If you wish to speak with someone about any part of your life-changing decision:
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