Individualized Parenting Instruction

Need individualized parenting instruction to resolve specific family issues? Need to learn how to soothe your infant or communicate with your toddler? Having cooperation or behavioral issues with your elementary age kids? Want to learn how to talk to your pre-teens or teens about sex? Need parenting classes to satisfy court-ordered education requirements?

A Center For Women is Here to Help!

Our customized Positive Parenting Consultation Sessions just might be exactly what you need at this point in our parenting adventure. Sessions are offered on a sliding scale and are free to some clients. These sessions are led by a certified, experienced Parenting Educator. Sessions will be tailored for your family’s needs or individualized for your situation.

For required court-ordered parenting education, the curriculum we use varies depending upon the circumstances of parent(s) and child(ren). The curriculum and information to be shared in the parenting consultation will be decided based upon an evaluative interview with the parent(s) and, where necessary, a social worker or case manager.

Parenting with Love and Logic

The principles presented help parents understand that allowing a child, whether toddler or teen, to experience either the natural or logical consequences of their actions – with the “safety net” of parental love to reinforce, assist and guide – can empower children and youth to learn how to make good choices and give balanced, healthy structure to their lives. A child (or teen or even adult!) empowered to make wise choices experiences a greater sense of self-esteem and consequently less negativity and conflict in their relationships and home environment.

Laugh and Learn

This award-winning DVD series, supplemented with review conversations with a parenting counselor, covers all aspect of child birthing, newborn care and breastfeeding. This series, featured on several Oprah programs, has gained a lot of popularity as the “favorite” childbirth and infant care resource of many celebrities.

Nurturing Parenting Principles

These are part of every discussion and educational session with parents. The primary parenting educator and educational session with parents. The primary parenting educator on staff is certified Nurturing Parenting Educator. The concept that discipline is teaching, not punishment, is central to this evidence-based approach to effective, thoughtful parenting.

Dunstan Baby Language, The Happiest Baby / Happiest Toddler on The Block, Infant Massage and more are available for any new or expecting parent to view and review with a parenting counselor. Just call for an appointment.

Because the instruction is individualized, the Parent Educator can help each client find specific ways to apply pertinent strategies and newly learned skills at home.

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